Progesterone Treatment

The Best Progesterone Treatment

Discover what the best progesterone treatment is and how you too can start to experience the effects of Progesterone today.

Every day I'm asked what the best progesterone treatment is.

And after years of studying and reviewing various treatments it's become quite obvious.

Before we get into exactly what form of progesterone treatment is best though I would like to briefly go over why women, like you, should be taking progesterone.

Reasons You Should Take Progesterone

So what's the best natural progesterone treatment then? Well it all comes down to how it's given to you, I know that sounds odd, but getting your progesterone treatment one way can increase the effectiveness by a huge percentage.

  1. Transdermal creams. This is when you apply the cream to any part of your body. This is by far the most effective way because the progesterone simply attaches itself to red blood cells and goes on its way.
  2. Sublingual progesterone oil or tablets. This gives off a very quick release so it's not appropriate for taking over a long period of time
  3. Injections. This is a great way to treat emergencies such as migraines or asthmatic attacks, but it's not for long term use!
  4. Suppositories. This is a pretty non-popular form. It gives a quick burst and should not be used for long periods of time.
  5. Orally administered capsules. These are not very effective at all! Up to 90% of the insides of the pill are destroyed by the digestive system and the liver before reaching the receptor sites. Unfortunately this is the most common form of treatment and is also, obviously, the least effective.

So there you have it, you now should realize what the best way to take progesterone is. This may all sound pretty complicated, but in reality it's not at all. Just remember to ask around; thousands of women and even men are using progesterone for countless problems they have.

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